#23: Woo Woo for Women with Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke is obsessed with helping soul-led entrepreneurs achieve transformational success by up-leveling their energy, mindset, and habits and by helping them step into their power and speak to their authentic message. She encourages women to be unapologetically brave AF, tap back into their inner knowing and unleash their magic so they can become magnetic to their soulmate clients and bring their purpose into the world - because the world needs what they have!

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Conditioning runs deep—From the time we’re born, subtle social norms and influences shape our perspectives about ourselves and others.
  2. Make space for self discovery—You have to create opportunities to develop the self awareness that will be critical to your leadership effectiveness.
  3. Follow the energy—Pay careful attention to those activities and experiences that fire you up. These provide clues as to where you should be investing your time and effort.

From the Source

“We think that we've moved so far—like at least we're allowed to show our ankles now and talk at the dinner table, but we really actually haven't moved that far.“

“We're taught that good girls don't talk back or that good girls let others take the leading role. No one likes a bossy woman. We still get those subliminal messages that hold us back. Boys just don't get those messages when they're growing up.“

“When you do anything that forces yourself to move away from who you truly are, you get miserable.”

“The way that you'll find out who you are is by taking time and space, like walking around in nature or doing something that makes you feel completely lit up. Then you'll be vibrating at the right frequency. You'll be free thinking.“

“Whenever you're doing something that you're really happy about, your fears get out of the way. It's impossible to feel fear and love at the same time. So if you're doing something really awesome, fear steps out of the way and then your real feelings and thoughts can step forward.”

“Watch the people that have energy. They're all happy because they're doing what they want to do.”​​

Connect with Michelle

Website: http://www.empowermentempires.com

Michelle’s book “Woo Woo for Women in Business”: https://www.amazon.com/Woo-Women-Business-empowered-business/dp/B09G9NCV7B/