#19: Finding Audacious Confidence with Alicia Couri

As the Audacious Confidence™ Growth Expert and former Mrs. Elite U.S. Woman of Achievement, Alicia Couri strives to Influence, educate, inspire, and entertain to empower leaders to walk boldly in the direction of their dreams despite fears, feelings, or past failures. 

She’s the Founder and CEO of Alicia Couri Inc., a boutique consulting firm working with CEOs and Executives to develop audaciously proactive leaders & teams using brain science and people data. She produces and hosts a nationally syndicated podcast: Leading with Audacious Confidence and 2 webshows: “Small Business Saturday Shout-Out” and “Love My Body Love Myself”.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Confidence isn’t automatic—No matter how confident or capable other leaders are in your eyes, they weren't born that way. They worked at it just like you can starting right now.
  2. Perfectionism is a threat—Resist the urge to think that you’re not good enough or that you don’t know enough or that you can’t make a mistake. Have a bias for action instead.
  3. Know thyself—When you take the time to truly learn about yourself—your strengths and your gaps—you can embrace your authentic self and infuse boldness into your leadership.

From the Source

“I thought you were born confident, you couldn't develop confidence. And I also saw the same thing with leadership—that you were born to be a great leader or you weren't. And boy, was I wrong on both counts!“

“And the thing that freed me a lot was that not everybody has everything altogether. You know, you might see them and think that, ‘oh my gosh, I could never be like that’. Or ‘they have everything all together’ and they're not. So don't believe the hype.“

“We have to take responsibility for our own thoughts and our own mindset.”​​

 “When I talk about lacking confidence, it was this idea that I had to get. I had to be perfect and get everything right. In order to feel confident enough to do something, because I wasn't leaning into my truth. And that was the big aha that I had is when you lean into your zone of genius (or your super powers as I refer to them) then you don't have to feel this need for perfectionism,“

“All of this is learned. It's shedding the old ideas and the old thought patterns and the old things that we probably grew up with. It's about shedding those things and really understanding ourselves on a deeper level and being able to then lean into those.”

“When people carry those negative labels with them, they can't really see their own superpowers. They can't see their zone of genius because they keep trying to be something they're not.“

“I’m launching ‘Love Your Body Love Yourself’ because it's all about really understanding who you are. Falling in love with YOU instead of criticizing, belittling, or minimizing all the great things about you.”

Connect with Alicia

Website: http://alicia360.com

Website: http://aliciacouri.com


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