Self-Centered Wellness with Jennifer Beck

Episode #12

Jennifer Beck is an entrepreneur with deep experience in the legal hemp and cannabis markets. Today, she is the CEO of Jihi, a line of self-care products that elevate performance and enhance balance from the inside out. An advocate for mental health and mind/body wellness, Jennifer believes in the power of authentic, joyful living to uncover our power, purpose and passion.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Self-centered care isn’t selfish. You take care of you for me, and I’ll take care of me for you.
  2. High achievers prioritize holistic wellness. Our mental health, the way our bodies feel, and the quality of our sleep all show up in our leadership.
  3. Nike was right—Just Do It. Conditions won’t always be ideal, but sometimes you have to press forward anyway. With the benefit of hindsight, the adversity you perceived in the moment may turn out to be an advantage.

From the Source

“Self centered wellness is a mind body practice that advocates reorienting inward and providing the tools and support that you need to navigate that journey. So as leaders, we are bombarded with stress and information, and what we need is resilience and endurance.”

“We need time in the game and we need the ability to clear our heads and listen to ourselves. You're constantly going to be. Feedback from the outside world, which you need to be able to digest and incorporate into a bigger, clearer, more resilient strategy.“

“We love the phrase self centered wellness because it's a little agitating when you first hear it. The idea of self-centeredness is not something that we value, especially in our culture, which is heavy on martyrdom, burnout, whoever puts the most out and pushes the furthest, cares the most, or gives the most to their business.”

“Being self-centered and being centered within, it gives us the resilience, the endurance, the strength, and the clarity of mind to be great leaders and really give to our organizations.”

“When we're constantly just living with feedback and we're responding to the people around us or we're reacting to yeses and nos, we're not navigating our path and as leaders that's, our job is to see further than the fog of war to have a vision that we're manifesting, that other people can't see.”

“People have come to value their bodies. At the end of the day, after we were all locked inside, we are still living in our bodies. We still have to stay comfortable in our bodies. We have to manage our mental health. And we all realized how precious our bodies are.”

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