#76: Leadership Development at Every Level with Jackie Insinger

Jackie Insinger is a Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, and a sought-after Leadership and Team Dynamics Consultant.

Jackie combines the science of positive psychology and neuroscience with current global data to simplify the messiness of leadership in today’s complex climate. Always results-focused, Jackie’s programs are designed to measurably impact the leader, their teams, and the company – leveraging soft skills for hard results.

Jackie’s signature Spark Brilliance Leadership Accelerator has created a powerful movement in the corporate world, leading to measurable increases in productivity, positivity, performance, belonging, psychological safety, and engagement within an overall enhanced culture. And in turn, a positive ROI to the Company’s bottom line.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Get current. Everything in our world of work has changed…except the way we lead. Invest in next-level leadership development in order to develop the core capabilities now needed for holistic success.
  2. Beware of burnout. We’re in a challenging time when our level-down leaders are experiencing unprecedented burnout. Before we ask leaders and teams to take on more, we have to ensure they have the capacity to do so.
  3. Stay evergreen. Leaders are accountable for learning and growth. This pertains to our followers, but also to ourselves. Ask yourself, “What am I actively learning and intentionally practicing?”

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From the Source

“What I always noticed was what are the gaps, right? What are the things that they don't even realize that are missing because they're too busy to figure it out. Most leaders don't even realize what's missing. They're just trying to get through the day.”

“If leaders are not trained on how to lead today—if a company has not done a leadership development kind of Up level, upgrade, up skill, iteration, something in the past three years—it's really putting their company at a disadvantage.”

“People leaders are the most disengaged of any employee population. And so they're incredibly burned out and the most disengaged and their energy and outlook is contagious.”

“All results come through your people. Everything comes through your people, so if you don't effectively and meaningfully lead your people today, it's going to be really hard to get through this time.”

“I always say ‘Clarity is kind. Context is key.’ We have to make sure people understand what success looks like here because the only thing that matters is the leader's version of success.”

“When leaders develop a trusting, authentically connected relationship with their employees, they see so much better positive, positive influence. They see better outcomes. They see more follow through because of that influence and relationship.”

“Leaders also need to up level, upgrade, feel more fulfilled, feel less burned out, feel more committed and energized, and continue to grow. Not just to grow their team, but to grow themselves.”

Connect with Jackie

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