Servant Leadership with Marcel Schwantes

Episode #10

Marcel Schwantes is the founder of Leadership from the Core and an international speaker, leadership coach, and a columnist who attracts over 1.5 million readers monthly to his thought-leadership contributions.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility—Marcel found himself in a toxic work environment, and it landed him in the hospital. When he later worked for a people-first leader, his experience and his results improved dramatically. Be a people-first leader for your people.
  2. Stay Humble—seasoned leaders may find it tempting to believe they have all the answers. It’s important that you take off the mask and make yourself vulnerable enough to continue learning and growing.
  3. Safety First—when leaders give their people freedom, autonomy, and psychological safety—while preserving accountability—everybody can do their best work and the results begin to take care of themselves.
From the Source

“This isn't just pie in the sky stuff. There are people out there that are actually aspiring to lead this way. And it leads to results because that elevated my game.”

“In journaling, you bring up emotions to the surface, and we cannot fix problems unless we know ‘How will you feel about what's going on?’ in order to do something about it.”

“You want to break the barriers that cause you to want to discover more about yourself, that keep you from wanting to discover more about yourself.”

“The higher you go up the chain, the less likely you want to break through the barriers that are holding you back.“

“I have lots of clients that are senior leaders and executives that—once they understand that they have to remove the mask and that they have to get vulnerable—that's when the real work happens.“

“A lot of people are promoted into leadership roles without having the capacity or the competency to lead humans well.”

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