The Leadership Locomotive with Mialei Iske

Episode #13

After 14 years in Corporate America, Mialei embarked on a journey to improve her physical health and do a lot less of what was expected of her and more of what she really enjoyed. Mialei has an interest in people and our ability to communicate beyond words. She has written a coaching program that transforms the workday of the new leader instead of leaving them without any training to navigate that transition from expert to leader. Most recently, Mialei has noticed that we expect leaders to know everything when we really need to ask them Ask More Questions.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Leadership is like a train. Your vision is the engine, your people are the cars, and your team leaders are the links between the cars.
  2. Be aware of the work your people are doing, but don’t do it for them. Otherwise, why did you hire them in the first place?
  3. Ask questions. Questions create conversations which is where learning and growth can happen.

From the Source

“I think it's degrading to say to somebody, I can do your job better than you can. It's not fair.“

“When I lay forth a vision, what I want to know is what's the difference between today and when we achieved that vision.”

“If what I'm doing and what that vision does, doesn't bring job variety. My vision is flat.”

“Am I promoting the right person? Has that person started to think differently? Because if they're not thinking differently, they're not thinking about systems. They're not thinking ahead of time. They're not looking at outcomes. Those are not the people you promote.“

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