Thanks for being my guest on the Lead the People podcast!

I'm your host, Matt Poepsel. Here a few things to know about me:

  • Known as "The Godfather of Talent Optimization"
  • Leadership expert and creator of the 5X5 Leader framework
  • Ph.D. in Psychology (Leadership and Coaching)
  • 20+ years as a software product leader in Boston
  • U.S. Marine
  • IRONMAN triathlon finisher
  • Family man
  • Amateur alpinist and woodworker
  • Humorist and essayist

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Guest Overview & Production Logistics

Show Format:

  • Conversational interview; variety show

Target Interview Length:

  • ~25 minutes

Ideal Content Ratio:

  • Education (70%)
  • Inspiration (20%)
  • Entertainment (10%)

Production Logistics:

  1. Choose your pre-scheduled 45-minute interview time slot using my calendar above.
  2. I will add a Streamyard video/audio link to the calendar invite.
  3. I will add suggested interview questions to the calendar invite.
  4. At the scheduled time, join the recording session relaxed and ready to record!
  5. The 20-minute interview will be followed by a 5-minute variety segment I will lead you through.
  6.  After the recording, we'll have a few minutes to chat.

Post-Production Assets:

  1. Final podcast episode
  2. Show notes with links to your mentions and contact info
  3. Social sharing promotional assets