Expand the Circle

How a Layered Leadership Approach Can Boost Performance, Maximize Engagement, and Save the World

About the Book

A U.S. Marine codebreaker turned Psychology Ph.D. attempts to unravel the mystery of leadership only to discover that the final clue is locked inside a 2,500-year old vault.

When I reached a crossroads in my 20+ year career, I decided to retrace my steps from the time I was a clueless manager up until I became a respected leader. I discovered that despite everything I had learned and achieved, there was a wall preventing me from realizing my full potential. After a brush with mortality led me to abandon everything, I discovered a Tibetan Buddhist meditation technique that became the inspiration for my new leadership approach.

I call this approach "Expand the Circle", and it has 5 sequential stages:

  1. Lead Yourself
  2. Lead Others
  3. Lead Your Team
  4. Lead Your Organization
  5. Lead the World

Now it's my mission to "eliminate suffering and spark joy at work" through my book, speaking events, and regular contributions on LinkedIn.

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About Matt:

  • Known as "The Godfather of Talent Optimization"
  • Leadership expert and creator of the Expand the Circle framework
  • Ph.D. in Psychology (Leadership and Coaching)
  • 20+ years as a software product leader in Boston
  • U.S. Marine
  • IRONMAN triathlon finisher
  • Family man
  • Amateur alpinist and woodworker
  • Humorist and essayist

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